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Pet Nutrition Advice for a Healthy Life

Remember that old saying … “You are what you eat.” Well, nutrition plays a huge role in our health. If you have a pet with health issues, often changing things up with the diet can help alleviate a lot of those issues. And if you don’t have any issues, a change of diet can often help your pet thrive with a better quality of life.

We can help guide you to giving your pet a better diet. We specialize in helping your pet to thrive, not just survive. We specialize in raw food, holistic supplements and natural products.

  • Does your dog have allergies? Did you know that small changes to the diet can often help relieve them?
  • Is your cat finicky? Bet it never occurred to you that adding a probiotic and digestive enzymes will often help.
  • Does your old pup have a difficult time getting around? There are so many awesome simple changes that you can make to the diet to help him get around a little better.
  • Does your cat throw up hair balls a lot? Sometimes adding just one thing can make a huge difference.
  • Does your dog smell like dirty socks or a wet dog? Not feeding certain foods can help with that.
  • Does your cat have reoccurring UTIs? Did you know stress and dry kibble are often culprits?
  • Does your dog have a spot that he keeps licking and won’t leave it alone? Quite often a simple fix. 

At Wags And Purrs Specialty Pantry we care and are here for you. Our philosophy is to be able to educate our community in order to relay some healthy tips and tricks and create a better life for all of our pets. 

We offer regular classes to our community in order to teach you how to do it at home. We also have often guest speakers. 

Please check with us when is our next class scheduled.

Come visit our pet supply store in Melbourne, FL specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.